First post FTW!

Welcome to! In the near future, this website will be home to many rants, raves and reviews of anything related closely enough to video games to be worth posting. Some of it will be timely, but I imagine the most regular postings will be thoughts on video games, video game consoles and their accessories that have been buried in most people’s closets or garages by now. That’s not necessarily because of a lack of other things to write about, but it also does not make this a nostalgic or old-school haven for strictly classics. I just personally feel that websites like already cover the news so very, very, very well that I don’t need to be copying their every move.

With this site, I’d like to bring something new to the world of video game journalism. I’d like to provide a dependable page with regular updates that can show readers a new side of a story, or a second opinion on that bargain-bin game they’ve passed over the last couple of times they were at GameStop because of that one bad review they read on it. I also want to point you in the direction of some older gems that you can still find on Ebay or Amazon for just a few bucks that are still well worth your time.

Check back regularly for updates, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send them to me in an email at – they may end up on the site.