It’s safe to say that I spend a lot of time on the internet. Over the years I’ve become a big fan of a few certain websites that I read religiously, and would probably slip into a state of coma if I went without for more than a day. Here is my roundup of the best of the best, with accompanying reviews.

According to Wikipedia®, Joystiq is “a video gaming website founded in June 2004 that has since become one of the most successful sites within the Weblogs, Inc. (WIN) family of weblogs. It is the centerpiece of WIN’s own network of video gaming blogs, which also includes blogs devoted to specific gaming hardware”.

According to Technorati, Joystiq consistantly ranks in the top 40 blogs on the internet – no easy feat, considering that as of May 2007 there are over 70 million active blogs.

Joystiq is also featured on Forbes in their web site reviews as one of “The Best on the Web” and a “Forbes Favorite”.

The current senior editor of Joystiq is Chris Grant.

My Review ::: 

I’ve been a loyal Joystiq reader for a long time now, and I am constantly on the site. I have it bookmarked on my cell phone, my PDA, my home PC, my work computer, and… well, pretty much every computer I’ve ever sat down to. I don’t dive into the comments very often (the sheer amount of pure fanboyism scares me away), but the stories, reviews and early hands-on impressions are enough for me. Their research is complete, they often include quotes when dealing with a news story, they commonly update stories as they develope, and their reviews are unbiased and based on every aspect of the game.

My favorite thing about Joystiq is the writers’ individually unique voices and personalities. Many of the writers have weekly or biweekly columns, including weekly sales charts and a game-related webcomic roundup.

Essentially, Joystiq is one of the best dedicated video game related sites out there, if not the best. If you’ve never visited, but are ever curious about what’s happening in the video games industry, check them out now at

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